☕️ The best carob coffee makers: what to look for when buying

It's no secret that for many people a cup of invigorating, aromatic coffee is the key to a good morning. Preparing this drink doesn't have to be a mess, take too much time, or require a discouraging rush during a busy morning. Today there are many types of coffee maker brands on the market, varying in power and functionality.

Interest in carob coffee makers is growing; first of all, they attract with their size, versatility, price and quality. At the moment, these are one of the most purchased types of coffee makers.

Types of carob coffee makers

When purchasing a coffee maker of this type, you need to take into account that they are produced in several types.

Pump carob coffee maker

These coffee makers brew using an electric pump that can easily create 9 bar of pressure to produce flavored extracts with a thick, rich crema. And the water is heated to the desired brewing temperature (95-98 degrees) using a single boiler, thermoblock or thermostat heating system.

The same heating system can also be operated at a higher temperature to supply a steam wand for frothed milk after brewing, or it can even be equipped with an additional heating system for steam and hot water on demand. This method of pushing water under pressure through a filter produces a more flavorful drink. With such a machine you can prepare a drink in a matter of minutes.

Steam coffee maker

This type uses steam pressure that is generated by an internal boiler. The water is brought to a boil in a sealed tank, creating steam pressure that forces the boiling hot water through the ground coffee. However, the steam only creates 1.5 bar of pressure, which is well below the 9 bar needed to make good coffee. Additionally, its designs often make the water hotter than the ideal temperature range, resulting in bitterness and higher acidity levels.

Advantage: highly heated steam removes more caffeine from the ground beans, but the pleasant aroma of coffee is muted. The coffee will be ready within 2 minutes.

Bugatti DIVA

Bugatti is a recognized leader in the production of luxury household appliances. This manufacturer has been specializing in the production of unique and inimitable kitchen products for over a hundred years. Equipment from Casa Bugatti is distinguished by its refined forms, smooth lines, originality of execution and wide functionality.

Bugatti DIVA is a carob-type coffee maker made with the latest technology. Chrome parts, unusual curved shapes and highly durable construction make the device not only extremely beautiful, but also very reliable.

The BUGATTI DIVA coffee maker will allow you to enjoy excellent coffee without leaving home. Whether you use ground coffee or coffee pods to make espresso, latte or cappuccino, the BUGATTI DIVA coffee maker will satisfy the most demanding tastes. You can warm up coffee cups on a special platform built into the top of the device, as they do in the best Italian coffee shops.


Coffee maker functions:

  • Adjusting the coffee temperature allows you to get the drink exactly at the temperature you require.
  • Controlling the strength when preparing a drink from ground coffee.
  • Cappuccino maker for manual preparation of cappuccino.
  • Simultaneous preparation of 2 cups of drink.
  • Fast steam delivery allows you to switch from espresso to cappuccino in a matter of seconds.
  • Removable drip tray.
  • Warming cups.
  • Possibility of using ground coffee or coffee capsules.
  • Built-in filter for water purification.
  • Possibility of automatic shutdown.

The machine is designed for semi-automatic coffee preparation . When preparing a drink, Bugatti DIVA uses coffee in capsules, pods or ground, so the model is universal, it can simultaneously be classified as a pod coffee maker, a capsule-type coffee maker, and an espresso coffee maker.

A water purification filter and fast 25-second coffee filtration will allow you to quickly get a ready-made drink. Supports espresso function for 1-2 coffee cups, has a reservoir (800 ml) for water supply and space for storing and heating cups, as well as a steam function for preparing cappuccino.

The model has protection against overheating and is safe to use, as it belongs to class I protection for insulation against electric shock.


The Bugatti DIVA coffee machine belongs to the class of Italian coffee makers , the rating of which is very high all over the world. Of course, we cannot say that this model of coffee maker is the best, since there are even more technologically advanced models with an equally elegant design, but in its price segment it holds the first position in the ranking.

According to the manufacturer and reviews from coffee lovers, the Bugatti DIVA coffee maker allows you to prepare delicious coffee, and the particularly elegant design of the model emphasizes or improves the interior style of any kitchen. It is made of cast aluminum and steel.

Basic color schemes for the coffee maker:

  • red,
  • chrome,
  • white,
  • creamy,
  • black,
  • lilac,
  • orange,
  • yellow,
  • and other colors.

The unique anti-drip system of Bugatti Coffee Makers delivers fresh hot water from an elegantly integrated reservoir.


The advantages of the coffee maker include:

  • Stylish unique design
  • Serves in two cups
  • Cup warmer and storage compartment for utensils
  • Metal body
  • Availability of anti-drip system
  • Adjusting the strength and volume of the drink.


The coffee maker of this model is designed for making coffee in semi-automatic mode, which in itself is not very convenient, because... requires participation in the process. In addition, the machine does not have a water indicator, and the tank itself is quite small, only 800 ml.

In order to switch from ground coffee to coffee capsules, you need to change the corresponding filters in the coffee maker using a screwdriver, which is also not very convenient. The drink supply unit is located in such a way that it is impossible to place a cup more than 5 cm high under it . These shortcomings do not affect the taste of the drink, but create inconvenience during operation.

Video review

Instructions for using the coffee machine and unpacking:


The Bugatti DIVA coffee machine is extremely attractive in appearance and has a very stylish design, recognizable at first sight. The wide range of colors and compactness of the machine allows you not only to install it in a room of any size, but also to make it an interior decoration.

However, it has a number of disadvantages that make using the device at home somewhat inconvenient. Firstly, the cost of the car is quite high. Secondly, it is a semi-automatic preparation process and the possibility of using either ground coffee or coffee capsules, which are also not cheap.

However, the taste of the drink prepared in the Bugatti DIVA coffee maker is simply excellent and corresponds to the best Italian traditions.

Bugatti DIVA is not suitable for office use, because... The device's horn system requires manual cleaning after each preparation, which is extremely inconvenient in an office environment.

The device is quite suitable for a small cafe or restaurant. Stylish design will decorate the interior of the room and create a piece of Italy in any corner of the world. The taste of coffee prepared in the Bugatti DIVA machine will satisfy any gourmet, and the staff has enough skill to work with the machine.

What to look for when buying a carob coffee maker

  • The material from which the horn is made can be metal or plastic. A metal horn will allow you to achieve high-quality and delicate foam, and will also significantly speed up the cooking process.
  • Number of servings that can be made at once.
  • Water reservoir. It is better to choose coffee makers with a removable tank, this will significantly simplify its maintenance.
  • A definite plus is the ability to prepare several drink options: espresso/cappuccino/latte
  • Possibility of using coffee in dosed packages (pods).
  • A variety of additional functions, such as: a removable tray, a bifurcated nozzle, automatic coffee dosing, automatic shutdown.


  1. The quality of the drink depends on the skills of the cook (the ability to compact the powder in the cone).
  2. The tank capacity is usually only enough for 2, maximum 3, cups of drink; only expensive models are equipped with a capacity of more than 1 liter.
  3. Requires more care compared to other types.
  4. Making foam by hand is not easy.

The machine will not appeal to those who do not like to tinker with preparing beans or have anything to do with making coffee in general.

Advantages and disadvantages of carob coffee makers

Pros of carob coffee makers

  • easy to manage;
  • have greater functionality and ergonomics;
  • design advantages: compact size, reliable and durable housing;
  • the ability to prepare coffee with a bright taste and beautiful foam;
  • many models are equipped with a cappuccino maker, which allows you to prepare not only espresso, but also cappuccino/latte;
  • cleanliness when using.


  • quite high cost;
  • limited choice of coffee, a certain grind is required, medium is optimal;
  • lack of a coffee grinder;
  • mandatory descaling;
  • active participation of a person in the preparation process, it is also desirable to have the skill of compacting ground coffee in a cone.


Carob-type machines allow you to enjoy fresh coffee prepared in a short time. They work on ground coffee, which is poured into the device on its own.

For many, what is important is the amount of drink that the device can prepare during one operating cycle. The capacity of the coffee machine's horn is relatively small - only one or two cups.

Carob-type coffee makers should be considered quite practical devices. They have an overheating protection system . So, if the critical value is exceeded, the device either simply turns off or releases the steam pressure through the presence of a special valve.

Despite the fact that the device is quite simple and easy to use, the final taste of the resulting drink depends on a number of user actions. We are talking about tamping ground coffee into a cone, which should not be too dense or weak, which will certainly lead to a deterioration in the taste of the drink.

Possessing a single principle of operation and method of preparing coffee, a carob coffee maker, however, may differ from other devices in its class in its ability to develop different steam pressures, the material from which the carob is made, the volume of water capacity, as well as the type of product body.

But the parameters of the cone directly affect the taste of the drink , which is due to the quality of heating of the source material.

In a steel horn, poured coffee will warm up perfectly. This will lead to the full release of aromatic substances, as well as the formation of the desired thickness and richness of the drink.

In a plastic cone, on the contrary, the coffee will be more watery and unsaturated. In addition, the quality and height of milk froth for cappuccino will leave much to be desired.

The steam pressure that a coffee machine can generate affects the preparation method and the quality of the drink. Low pressure coffee machines (3.5-4 Bar) are characterized by low power (up to 1000 W) and a relatively long preparation time for a cup of coffee (about 2 minutes).

The low pressure produced requires a certain time to “warm up” the device.

Once the pressure becomes necessary, a valve comes into action, allowing steam to pass through the coffee. In this case, the temperature of the heated steam becomes excessively hot. which is detrimental to the group of aromatic substances.

More advanced coffee machines are capable of developing pressure up to 20 Bar and have a power of up to 3000 W. At the same time, the operating temperature of the steam is 85-95°, which is the most optimal parameter for preparing the ideal drink. Coffee preparation time is less than 0.5 minutes. These coffee machines prepare a drink rich in flavor and aroma.

The built-in pressure gauge allows the user to independently set and control the pressure in the boiler. Most modern household coffee makers regulate pressure automatically. However, professional work often requires monitoring your blood pressure yourself.

This allows you to get a drink of impeccable quality, both in taste and aroma . After all, to prepare different drinks, steam must be supplied to the coffee mixture at different pressures. The taste, strength and aroma depend on this. Of course, such models will cost more, and for a novice user there is simply no point in buying a coffee maker with a pressure gauge.

ModelPower, W)Dimensions (cm) (WxHxD)Volume (l)
KitchenAid 5KES2102 (Editor's Choice)130032x40x312More details
Bugatti DIVA95024x37x240.8More details
Ariete 1388 Retro90021x31x281More details

Carob coffee makers care

Unfortunately, most carob coffee makers do not have an automatic cleaning system, so users need to do the maintenance themselves.

Every day you must remember to wash the coffee maker after each use. Reused coffee is not permitted. Every month (once is enough) you need to clean the coffee horn from coffee oils; for this there are special coffee fat tablets. The tablet is placed in the horn and the water on the coffee maker is turned on; as soon as the water starts to drip, turn off the coffee maker, after a pause of 10-15 minutes, repeat the procedure several more times until we have passed 2-3 liters of water to eliminate the remaining product and deposits .


KitchenAid 5KES2102 will be in demand in a small cafe or restaurant with a small flow of visitors. Not suitable for home or office use, as it is too expensive and complicated.

Bugatti DIVA is ideal for a small cafe or restaurant. Home use is also possible, but will require some effort when using it.

Ariete 1388 Retro is suitable for use in the office, beauty salon, coffee shop or home environment. The original retro design allows it to “fit” into almost any interior and become its interesting detail, and the automated system for preparing coffee drinks expands the audience of users.

TOP 10 popular carob coffee makers from famous manufacturers

Every connoisseur of aromatic freshly brewed coffee should have their own coffee maker, and it is better if it is a pump model with a horn, since it is in this type of horn coffee maker that you can feel the taste and aroma of invigorating coffee.

Carob coffee maker Smeg ECF01

The Smeg ECF01 coffee machine from the Italian manufacturer is made in the style of the 50s and is available for purchase in 5 colors (white, black, red, gray, blue). Briefly about the technical characteristics: the coffee maker has a power of 1350 W, maximum pressure 15 bar, weight – 5 kg, body material – metal.

Carob coffee maker Smeg ECF01


  • Thanks to the adjustment ring, the cappuccino maker can not only froth milk, but also switch to hot milk mode;
  • Height-adjustable cup stand;
  • Possibility of preparing two cups of coffee at a time;
  • A large selection of programs useful for the operation of the coffee maker: heating cups, adjusting the coffee temperature, the ability to program the hardness of the water used;
  • Availability of a descaling program.


  • High price.

Average cost of this model: 37,890 rubles.

Carob coffee maker Ascaso Dream Ground (2013)

The Ascaso Dream Ground carob coffee maker was designed and created in Barcelona. From the technical characteristics and equipment, we can mention a power of 900 W, a pump pressure of 20 bar, and a weight of 5.5 kg. A varied selection of body colors provides an excellent opportunity to purchase this coffee maker to suit any interior.

Carob coffee maker Ascaso Dream Ground


  • Availability of a pressure gauge;
  • Possibility of preparing two cups of coffee at a time;
  • Removable tray for collecting drops;
  • Continuous steam technology;
  • LED backlight.


  • Lack of display, timer;
  • No automatic decalcification;
  • High price.

Average cost of this model: 26,450 rubles.

De'Longhi EC.680.M

The De'Longhi EC.680.M coffee maker, manufactured in Italy, has advanced capabilities, technology and style. Technical characteristics: power – 1300 W, maximum pressure – 15 bar, weight – 4.2 kg. Can be purchased in three colors: white, red, black.

НDe'Longhi EC.680.M


  • Ready for use in 35 seconds;
  • Anti-drip system;
  • Possibility of preparing two cups of coffee at a time;
  • Automatic dosing with portion programming;
  • A large selection of programs useful for the operation of the coffee maker: automatic shutdown timer, coffee temperature control, the ability to program the hardness of the water used;
  • Availability of a descaling program;
  • Manual milk frother allows you to mix steam, air and milk, which makes it possible to obtain a thick, creamy foam;
  • Removable tray with water level indicator.


  • The fragility of the cup stand;
  • Small platform size to accommodate two cups.

Average cost of this model: 19,990 rubles.

Carob coffee maker Gaggia Carezza DeLuxe

The Italian company Gaggia offers the Gaggia Carezza DeLuxe carob coffee maker with a power of 1900 W, a maximum pressure of 15 bar, and a weight of 5.5 kg.

Carob coffee maker Gaggia Carezza DeLuxe


  • Pressure gauge;
  • Cup warming;
  • Removable water container;
  • Water level indicator.


  • Expensive.

Average cost of this model: 17,300 rubles.

Carob coffee maker Polaris PCM 1523E

The Polaris PCM 1523E coffee maker is small-sized and easy to use. Before we start talking about the advantages and disadvantages of this model, we will indicate the main technical characteristics: power - 1350 W, pump pressure - 15 Bar, weight - 6.99 kg. Available in brown and black colors.

Carob coffee maker Polaris PCM 1523E


  • No additional heating of water is required, since the coffee maker is equipped with a heater in the form of a thermoblock;
  • Several options for drinks to prepare.


  • A few weak links: pump and milk foam height regulator;
  • Smells like plastic, difficult to clean;
  • It is impossible to save the volume of the drink, only the values ​​​​set by the manufacturer.

Average cost of the model: 14,990 rubles.

Carob coffee maker Vitek VT-1516 SR

The Vitek VT-1516 SR coffee maker is one of the most popular coffee makers from the domestic brand. The power of this device is 1470 W, the pump pressure is 15 bar, and its features include automatic preparation of drinks (espresso, latte, cappuccino).

Carob coffee maker Vitek VT-1516 SR


  • Manual cappuccino maker;
  • Ability to select operating mode: factory settings or manual mode;
  • Automatic cleaning function;
  • Prepares boiling water for other drinks;
  • Cup warming;
  • Automatic decalcification function to combat scale and oils from coffee.


  • Insufficient height for cups for preparing, for example, drinks such as lattes;
  • It is impossible to prepare two cups of coffee at the same time due to lack of space.

Average cost of this model: 16,999 rubles.

Carob coffee maker De'Longhi ECI 341 Distinta

The De'Longhi ECI 341 Distinta coffee maker, produced in Italy, has a vintage design, technology and style. Technical characteristics: power – 1050 W, maximum pressure – 15 bar, weight – 5.66 kg. Can be purchased in three colors: white, red, yellow.

Carob coffee maker De'Longhi ECI 341 Distinta


  • The cappuccino maker has a metal nozzle - panarello;
  • Possibility of preparing two cups of coffee at a time;
  • Automatic shutdown of the coffee maker when not in use.


  • Inability to see the water level in the tank without raising the container.

Average cost of this model: 11,653 rubles.

KRUPS Calvi XP 3440

The KRUPS Calvi XP 3440 coffee maker is produced by the French concern Groupe SEB, and is distinguished by high quality and good functionality. Some technical information: coffee maker power - 1460 W, pressure - 15 bar, heater type - thermoblock.

KRUPS Calvi XP 3440


  • The compact thermoblock heats water in 40 seconds for hot coffee;
  • Small-sized –1 4 cm with “folded” cappuccino maker;
  • Comfortable controls and beautiful design;
  • Filter cream – metal, steel, implemented according to the double bottom principle;
  • Cools down quickly after steam is applied;
  • Has minimal vibrations and low noise levels during operation;
  • The steam nozzle prepares milk drinks with ease.


  • Quick filling of the drip tray;
  • Frequent drainage of water from the coffee maker;
  • It is not possible to use cups with a height of more than 9 cm;
  • No tempera.

Average cost of this model: 11,299 rubles.

Carob coffee maker Kitfort KT-703

The Kitfort KT-703 pump carob coffee maker is manufactured in Russia and has high technical characteristics and reliability. Coffee maker power – 1470 W, maximum pressure – 15 bar, weight 4.5 kg, additional functions: self-cleaning, hot water portion adjustment. Available in two colors: gray and black.

Carob coffee maker Kitfort KT-703


  • Programming coffee portions;
  • Possibility of preparing several types of drinks;
  • Possibility to choose the size of the milk portion for cappuccino and latte;
  • Heater – thermoblock;
  • There is a mechanical milk foam height regulator with a separate quick clean position;
  • Auto power off.


  • The weak link is the pump and milk foam height regulator;
  • The smell of plastic is difficult to wash out.

The average cost of this model is 9967 rubles.

Customer Reviews

Yana L.


The coffee is great. Cappuccino maker too. I set it to minimum, and you can still eat the foam with a spoon))) Milk 3.2%. The coffee turns out delicious (But we brought it from Venezuela))) I haven’t tried making it with our coffee. It’s not particularly noisy, it does it quickly, it heats the water quickly, and it turns out hot. I recommend. Beautiful))

Nadezhda K.

Kitfort KT-702

I’ve been wanting to buy a coffee maker for a long time, I’ve been reading and watching various reviews for a long time, and now I’ve purchased a Kitfort KT-702 coffee maker. They arrived the next day, each part was individually packaged, which is very important (nothing was damaged during transportation). Looks very stylish!!! I immediately started testing it in operation, and I can say that this is a super coffee machine. Very easy to use and assemble. All parts are high quality, no unnecessary smell. The coffee is brewed very tasty with thick coffee foam, the milk is whipped beautifully, and the foam can be eaten with a spoon. Satisfied with the purchase!!!

Andrey Kuznetsov

DeLonghi ECP 33.21

The espresso turns out great, and you can make cappuccino. The espresso is strong, very aromatic and consumed very slowly, a regular pack of ground coffee is 250g. enough for about 30 cups. I liked everything about this coffee maker, everything is perfectly designed and works. But this is all great if you brew coffee a couple of times a day, not more often, otherwise you need a coffee machine, because fiddling with the horn every time you brew is tiring and boring. Overall, I was very pleased with the purchase, but at the first opportunity I would like to replace it with an automatic coffee machine, and send this one to my parents at the dacha, where it will fit perfectly into the leisurely rhythm of the summer holiday

Max J.

Kitfort KT-706

I've been using it for almost a month. Really like! Every morning begins only with coffee. Extremely easy to use. The main thing is not to forget to turn it off after preparation; I get distracted by the cappuccino foam and forgot to turn off the coffee maker once. The only inconvenience for me is washing the cappuccino maker when the milk has already dried on it. You just need to wipe it right away. I advise everyone!!! Price = quality. Super

Zheltoukhov Vasily


1. Good power, 20 bar is noticeably better than 15 bar. 2. Excellent froths/whisks milk for cappuccino. 3. The coffee comes out with foam (there’s a lot of foam, but it’s coarsely dispersed, I don’t know, maybe it depends on the type of coffee, I used Bushido Red Katana, illy Classico ground coffee, medium roast). 4. Low price compared to other competitors! I bought it with discounts and bonuses for 7293₽. For this money it’s simply TOP!! I’m happy with the machine! The quality of the materials is good. Doesn't shake or rattle while making coffee. Previously, I used these two models at home (Saeco HD8323 Poemia - 10,500₽. Gaggia Viva De Luxe - 17,000₽., they all rattled and shook a lot during the cooking process, they did not have enough power, it was difficult to catch the temperature of the water, it was either overheated or cold) , I can say with complete confidence that this BRAYER model pleasantly surprised me; for this price I expected the worst!


DeLonghi Dedica EC 685

The tablet from running the coffee at the end turns out dry, this is important for me, because in other machines where there was water left in the horn, the taste of the coffee was different for the worse. The cappuccino machine froths the milk, you have to get used to getting the milk at the right temperature and texture, but I like the frothing process. Overall the cappuccino tastes smooth/creamy. I have never tasted anything tastier at home. I buy ground coffee Jardin Cafe Eclair I definitely recommend the machine. I bought the model after several unsuccessful attempts to purchase other coffee makers. 1 polaris PCM 1536E, prepared not coffee, but colored water, the pressure in that machine was clearly not enough, the cappuccino maker did not suck in milk, and if it did, foam formed and in general the process was chaotic. I returned it to the seller a week later. 2 I bought a kitfort KT-742 with the stated 19 bars, in the hope that this machine would have enough pressure, but it simply did not turn on, I had to return it. 3 already ordered vitek 1517, maybe my parents have one. In general, the machine itself is excellent; the pressure allows you to drive out the coffee and compress the tablet. But I had to cancel the order; the honest seller said that the pump for the cappuccino maker was changed in the new machines and now they often break down. Conclusion: Initially I hoped to buy a coffee maker for around 8-9 k, but after 2.5 unsuccessful attempts, I decided to spend more. As it turned out, it is simply unrealistic to buy a normal device within 10 k, either they are not available anywhere, they are defective, or the miners dismantled everything.

Vladimir Bukhalin

DeLonghi ECP 33.21

A well-thought-out model, the ability to adjust the amount of water and thereby get delicious coffee of the desired strength with excellent foam, convenient accessories included, intuitive control, large capacity of the water container. The best price/quality ratio in the line It is necessary to pay attention to the fixation of the water container so that it is pressed down all the way, otherwise the water does not flow into the boiler, the coffee maker begins to make noise, and the cups move along the tray. It is better not to remove the container often (only for cleaning), but simply add water from above. Previously, for 10 years I used a Krups coffee maker that cost 3 times more - in terms of convenience and quality of the prepared drink, this De Longhi model is not fundamentally different, and the price is much more affordable.

Serge Serge

Kitfort KT-702

Reasonable price, high power, convenient water tank, high-quality equipment! Power: 1100 W, Quiet operation, unlike coffee machines from other manufacturers. Maximum pressure: 15 bar. When preparing espresso from medium-quality coffee, a high crema is obtained, which confirms the high power of the coffee maker. The water tank is plastic, of very good volume. It slides out easily and has an unusual shape. Easy to fill and install. You can always see how much water is in it. A full tank is enough for about 14 cups of espresso. The coffee machine heats up quickly; after turning it on, you can already brew coffee in about 1.5-2 minutes. If you have any questions, instructions written in simple and understandable language are at your service.

Sergey Zh.


I’ve been using carob coffee makers for decades, this machine has 20 bar pressure, the difference with 15 bar coffee makers is noticeable, the coffee tastes better, the foam is good. The horn has a removable container for coffee, which is very convenient for cleaning the horn after brewing, and useful, the insides of the horn will not become clogged over time. The on/off button works somewhat unusually, at first I even wanted to return the coffee maker as faulty, but then I realized the required duration of pressing buttons, and now I’m quite happy with the operation of the machine.


Kitfort KT-706

Before this, I had a galaxy 0752 for a couple of months, so in comparison with it, heaven and earth (I handed over the old one because the tank where the handle was leaking and the pressure dropped, don’t take it with a plastic tank and it worked like a tarantass, the noise was in the whole room). Before this, I was suspicious of the Kitfort brand, but I was pleasantly surprised. Advantages: -High landing of the holder (few mugs fit on the old one); -comfortable lid, easy to tighten and fits well in the hand; -metal container for heating water; -comfortable holder, aesthetic, polished to a light mirror (no traces of tide or roughness); - a spoon with a coffee tamper; -fast heating (1.5-2 minutes) and quiet operation; - heating indicator. I bought it at a discount for 2439; for this price I couldn’t find anything better among manual carob coffee makers in RuNet. The taste of the coffee is richer than the one before, I’m not an esthete when it comes to coffee, but it’s ok for my taste.


The BORK C804 coffee station from a premium international company is a fully functional semi-automatic espresso machine that allows you to prepare coffee for 10 or more people.

The model has a stylish “steel” design and high build quality. The silver brushed stainless steel metal case is durable and wear-resistant.

A built-in burr coffee grinder with eighteen grinding levels makes it possible to grind coffee beans immediately before brewing, and a pressure gauge and temperature control sensor ensure optimal coffee extraction and strict adherence to technology.

The coffee machine is equipped with a press for manual compaction of ground coffee and a special tool that allows you to remove excess grinding from the holder in one motion before brewing. Convenient desktop installation type. Country of origin: China.


Model functionality:

  • built-in coffee grinder with the ability to adjust the degree of grinding;
  • cappuccino tube (manual type);
  • prepare two cups of coffee at the same time;
  • automatic system cleaning;
  • panel for heating cups;
  • hot water supply;
  • pre-wetting;
  • coffee temperature adjustment;
  • portion size adjustment;
  • pre-brewing function;
  • function of squeezing residual moisture;
  • energy saving mode;
  • programming capability.

The coffee system is distinguished by convenient and wide functionality, allowing you to quickly prepare espresso, Americano, cappuccino, latte and even tea, good performance characteristics and high efficiency.


Key Features:

  • the presence of a pressure gauge that allows you to regulate the pressure;
  • Italian pump with a pressure of 15 bar;
  • one distribution group;
  • built-in burr coffee grinder with adjustable grinding degree (18 levels).

The BORK C804 coffee station not only brews coffee, but also provides its rich aroma due to the pre-brewing function. Before preparing coffee, hot water is pumped through the heating system for a short time - the ground coffee is moistened and swells, which increases the pressure and maximizes the aroma of the drink.

Single and double bottom filters are well suited for both coarse and fine ground coffee and help achieve the pressure required for the perfect espresso. You can compact the coffee in a machine or using a hand press.

Thanks to a powerful heating element and pressure gauge, the BORK coffee maker instantly heats water and guarantees precise control over the process of preparing the drink.

The manual cappuccino tube allows you to prepare airy milk foam for cappuccino.


The main advantages of the model:

  • stylish and impressive appearance, backlit buttons;
  • durable metal case;
  • Energy saving mode after 30 minutes of waiting allows you to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%;
  • presence of auto shutdown;
  • full automatic cleaning function of the system, which facilitates the process of maintaining the coffee station and eliminates the need to wash the parts of the coffee machine manually;
  • programming function that allows you to set personal settings for further coffee preparation;
  • a large selection of filters for the cone with single and double bottoms, makes it possible to experiment with the taste of coffee;
  • 18-level adjustment of grinding degree;
  • heated platform for cups;
  • convenient tray;
  • convenient dispenser for supplying hot water;
  • reliability (three year warranty).


Disadvantages of the model:

  • quite high price;
  • the process of making coffee requires a certain skill;
  • lack of automatic decalcification;
  • no timer;
  • lack of an anti-drip system;
  • lack of display;
  • lack of illumination of cups.

The absence of the above functions does not in any way affect the quality of the coffee produced in the machine.

Video review

Video review and presentation of the main advantages of the device, in the video below:

An example of making a wonderful cappuccino from professionals:


The BORK C804 coffee station can be classified as a semi-professional type coffee machine . Stylish design, durable metal body, ease of use and wide functionality are the undeniable advantages of the coffee machine.

The BORK C804 model is well suited for home use. True coffee fans will love the opportunity to independently control the process of preparing the drink and try themselves as a barista.

In an office environment, using the model can present a number of inconveniences: namely, the need for active user participation in the process of frothing milk to prepare cappuccino in conditions of lack of time. For an office, it is better to opt for a fully automated machine.

A wide range of capabilities and additional functions provide ease of use and allow you to use the model in a small cafe or restaurant. The desktop installation option will be convenient for mobile coffee shops.

However, in establishments with higher traffic and the need to prepare coffee in a significant number of servings, a coffee machine with 2 or more dispensing groups is more suitable.

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