Recipe: Coffee with milk and sugar. Calorie, chemical composition and nutritional value.

Almost 70% of people who drink coffee add sugar and milk to it. It is believed that such a drink is less harmful, and its sweetness makes it especially pleasant and tasty for women and teenagers, who usually do not know how to enjoy the bitter taste of a pure drink. But you need to understand that any additives of this kind significantly increase the calorie content of coffee; with milk and sugar, its nutritional value can increase 100 times. Let's look at the calculations in more detail.

Calorie content of coffee with milk and sugar

How are calories calculated?

The calculations are quite complicated, since people drink their favorite drink, prepared according to a variety of recipes, from large and small cups, with one spoon of sugar or two, etc. If you splash a little milk into an Americano, the calories will be much lower than if you make a latte or simply top up a third of the cup with dairy.

There are no standard figures, or they must always be provided with a caveat - an exact indication of exactly how much and what additives were used.

You can make a rough estimate for yourself by calculating the energy value of the ingredients you put in your cup. Most of us prefer to cook according to a specific recipe, and if you do the calculations, then you can not measure milliliters and grams, but put about the same amount - the difference of +/- 10 kilocalories is not so important, even if you drink about 2-3 servings.

Traditional cooking utensils

It is believed that Turkish coffee is drunk by gourmets. It is distinguished by fine grinding. The drink is brewed in a cezve - a special coffee ladle. The word “dzhezva” translated means “hot coals”.

The tradition of drinking the drink in the east has a thousand-year history. During this time, the dishes were improved until they took on the classic form. In this form it has survived to this day.

The name "Turk" is of Russian origin. It was given to the dishes by Russian merchants named after the eastern country. In Turkey, the drink was considered a delicacy. Merchants brought from there to Russia not only grains, but also a coffee pot, since there was no custom of drinking coffee here.

The container is wide at the bottom, but with a narrow neck. Initially, the vessel was intended to be buried in hot sand. In Europe, it is placed on a gas stove and the contents are brought to a boil. Read more in the article “What is a Turk for coffee.”

How many calories are in coffee with milk and sugar?

In order to calculate everything accurately, you need to make calculations for specific ingredients depending on your preferences, and then compile an overall summary from this. The composition includes three ingredients, which means we will consider the calorie content of all these options.


The pure black drink contains minimal fats, sugars and carbohydrates, and its nutritional value is almost zero. Those who drink this type of drink may not count calories at all, or neglect them when counting, taking into account only the additives. However, lovers of exact numbers can use these data:

Type of drinkPortion volumeKilocalories per serving
Cooked in French press2502,5
Cooked in Turk2505
Instant, 1 spoon15010

The longer the grains are cooked, the more substances are released into the water. Therefore, espresso, through which water is simply poured, has less calories than Turkish coffee, which is steeped for a long time on low heat. In an instant drink, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to prepare. The calculation is based on approximately 10 kcal per heaped teaspoon, and how much water you pour does not matter.

Coffee calories


But this product already significantly increases caloric intake. Moreover, the higher the fat content, the more calories, this is logical. Therefore, a latte or cappuccino, or any other similar cocktails will be higher in calories than an Americano, to which a spoonful of cream is added. You can use the table below, or take a package of your favorite product and look up the calorie content. It is indicated in terms of 100 grams, measure exactly how much you usually pour (approximately) and make your calculations.

We provide data for two options: a couple of tablespoons (if you add just a little bit) and 50 ml (about this amount is usually poured into a large cup).

Type of milk and fat contentKcal per 2 tablespoonsKcal per 50 ml
Cow, 0.1%816
Cow, 1.5%1122
Cow, 2.5%1326
Cow, 3.2%1529
Cow, 3.5%1531
Ghee, 4%1734
Homemade, 3.82%1735
Goat, 4.24%1734
Ginger, 1.0%511
Coconut, 14.9%3876
Soy, 0.6%1122
Soy, 1.8%1427

Those who are watching their figure are advised to add a little dairy product to the finished drink, rather than making coffee and milkshakes based on it.

Calorie content of milk


The same product that usually adds the bulk of kilocalories to a cup - about 60% according to scientific research.
At the same time, there is no “easy” option (as with low-fat dairy products), unless you switch to sweeteners, but they have their own characteristics, so it’s probably healthier to use a natural product, albeit in smaller quantities. The exact numbers depend on the specific manufacturer, so it is best to look at the composition data on the packaging. But for most, the difference is not that big, and a deviation of +/- 2-3 kilocalories is not significant for anyone.

It doesn't matter which sweetener you prefer: sand, crystals, raw or cane:

  • The average calorie content in a teaspoon with a slide is 25-27 kilocalories, without a slide - 20;
  • In one stick stick, 5 grams – 20 kcal;
  • An average cube of refined sugar contains 20 kilocalories (everything is complicated here, the cubes are different, so it’s better to make an accurate calculation yourself).

In any case, the energy and nutritional value increases significantly from sweet additives, and if you are used to drinking several servings a day, perhaps this is what is preventing you from losing weight.

Calorie content of sugar

What spices can you use?

Spices are a universal way to diversify familiar dishes. Coffee is no exception, but if you prepare this drink with milk, you need to be careful with spices. In order not to spoil the taste and aroma, “neutral” soft spices are added, such as ground cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom. These ingredients will highlight the taste of the milk drink and, at the same time, add piquancy to the drink. They should be added at the end of cooking - at the boiling stage in the Turk.

Coffee brewed with milk is a drink with a light and pleasant taste that even those who do not consider themselves coffee lovers will appreciate. Thanks to the nutritional value that milk provides, it gives a boost of vigor and energy. A variety of ways to prepare a milk drink will allow even demanding gourmets to find the ideal option.

We calculate the calorie content of your coffee with milk and sugar

Now everything is simple. Do the calculations for your usual servings. You'll get a number you can work towards. No one measures grams on a scale every time or pours cream using a measuring jug. Pour your usual portion and see how much you get. Most likely, you drink approximately the same drink every day, in which case there is no point in worrying about small differences in indicators.

For example:

Instant, with two level spoons of sweetener and the addition of a small amount of 2.5% fat milk (essentially milky Americano):

  • 10 kcal from a spoon of instant coffee;
  • 40 – from sugar;
  • 13 – dairy.

Total: 63 calories per serving.

Cooked in a Turk, 300 ml, with 50 ml of homemade cow's milk, a stick of sugar:

  • 6 kcal in coffee;
  • 20 – sweetener;
  • 35 – dairy product.

Total: 60 kilocalories.

You see how the calculation is done and can easily calculate the calories of what you drink. If you buy a ready-made coffee milkshake in a cafe, you can ask the bartender for the calorie content and make an accurate calculation taking into account exactly how much sweetener you added - coffee shops usually serve stick sticks, and the same portion is poured out of sugar bowls, so It's especially easy to count.

Calorie content of your coffee with milk and sugar

How to reduce calories?

In general, the answer suggests itself - add less additives, but the fact is that by changing the recipe, you will get a completely different taste. So you will either have to switch to lower-fat dairy products (if you drink a lot) and sweeteners, or make smaller portions. For half your usual cup, you will add half as much food, get the same taste, but less nutritional value. Try it, maybe this option will suit you, you will learn to enjoy your favorite taste slowly, and as a result it will pass with less harm to your body.

The effect of coffee and milk on the body

The debate about whether coffee with milk is beneficial or harmful continues to this day. It is known that dairy products saturate the body with fats and carbohydrates necessary for the full functioning of the body. Contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals.

Coffee beans also contain many nutrients. When drinking drinks based on them, they have an effect on the nervous system and stimulate brain function.

Drinking coffee too often leads to addiction and the opposite effect

Drowsiness, irritability and a number of other negative changes appear.

Useful properties and indications

Contrary to popular belief that coffee with milk is extremely dangerous, it also has beneficial properties. These include:

  1. Toning effect. Due to the high caffeine content in the drink, it stimulates the nervous system, promotes concentration and relieves symptoms of apathy and drowsiness.
  2. Has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Coffee with milk helps speed up digestive processes and improve the functioning of the stomach and intestines.
  3. Prevention of various diseases. Regular consumption of the drink helps reduce the risk of developing diseases such as myocardial infarction, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and some others.

The drink has a beneficial effect due to its rich composition. 100 g of coffee with milk and sugar contains 4 daily carbohydrates, 2 fats and 3 proteins. It also includes:

  1. Vitamins: B, A, C.
  2. Full fat milk.
  3. Antioxidants
  4. Microelements: calcium, iodine, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus.

The properties and taste of the drink also depend on the preparation method. In addition to instant coffee, the following are deservedly popular:

  1. Milk with coffee. It is made from natural beans with the addition of milk foam, which should be 3 times more than coffee.
  2. Cappuccino. On the contrary, this drink contains 3 times more coffee than milk.
  3. Macchiato. A three-layer drink made of milk, coffee and foam.

The most useful option is one that contains more milk, because black coffee helps remove calcium from the body, and milk is the main source of this microelement.

Harm and contraindications

Due to the high caffeine content, the drink has a stimulating effect on the nervous system. People with increased irritability should remember this. By removing calcium and some other useful substances from the body, it can worsen the condition of bones, teeth, hair, and nails.

Does coffee with milk raise or lower blood pressure? Coffee significantly increases blood pressure, but if it is diluted with milk and consumed in small doses from time to time, the harm will be much less.

Regular consumption of coffee in large doses can lead to addiction. The fact is that the drink promotes the production of the so-called happiness hormone. Under its influence, mood improves and physical activity increases. When the effect of the hormone stops, its deficiency occurs, which leads to apathy and pushes one to drink the drink in even larger doses.

It is believed that milk neutralizes coffee. This is not entirely true: the dairy product only reduces the amount of caffeine, but the effect of the substance remains the same.

If there are no serious health problems, sometimes you can drink a cup of an invigorating drink, but there are people for whom coffee is contraindicated in any quantity. These include:

  1. Pregnant and lactating women.
  2. Children.
  3. Suffers from heart disease, increased nervous excitability, obesity, high blood pressure, and lactose intolerance.

Black ground coffee: harm and benefit

Coffee is a fairly healthy drink, but the main thing is to use it wisely. Experts do not recommend drinking more than three cups a day of this invigorating drink. In addition, it is not equally beneficial for all people.

Drinking an invigorating drink can have a tonic effect on the body. In addition, it prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessels and improves cerebral circulation. Experts recommend using it for parkinsonism. In addition, it can reduce the risk of cancer. This drink invigorates and energizes, and also gives strength and helps with depression.

However, despite the benefits, its use has a number of contraindications. One of its main properties is to increase blood pressure, which can negatively affect people who suffer from hypertension.

It also contains caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine. If these substances are consumed in large quantities, they can cause addiction, which is similar to drugs.

You should not drink a large amount of an invigorating drink every day. Drinking more than six cups can lead to heart disease because it stimulates the heart muscle. It is better to limit yourself to three cups a day. And given that the calorie content of coffee without sugar is much lower, it is better not to add it at all or limit yourself to a minimal amount.

A few important secrets

If possible, take a copper Turk. Ceramic can burst due to temperature changes. We recommend reading the article “How to choose a coffee pot.”

The size of the cezve depends on the number of servings. The optimal capacity is approximately 150 ml - for 1 cup. This is how it is customary to cook in Turkey.

Before cooking, you need to pour boiling water over the dishes. This will heat it up and remove the temperature contrast. Although you can just put it on fire.

Coffee should be chosen not by brand, but by the area where it was grown. Connoisseurs prefer Turkish. You can trust Colombian and American quality.

When buying a product in grains, you will be sure that there will be no foreign additives that impair the taste and smell. Arabica and Robusta are the most acceptable varieties. The grains should not be moldy or appear excessively dry.

Calorie content of main types of coffee

In order to understand what kind of coffee you can drink on a diet, it is worth understanding the calorie content of coffee drinks.

NameVolumeCalorie content
Instant coffee100 ml5-7 kcal
Espresso (natural black coffee)100 ml2-4 kcal
Americano100 ml2 kcal
Cappuccino100 ml41 kcal
Latte100 ml45-70 kcal
Glasse100 ml125-180 kcal
Moccaccino100 ml135-170 kcal

The table above shows the average calorie content of popular coffee drinks. But you need to understand that each coffee shop uses ingredients from different manufacturers when preparing a particular drink, and the preparation technologies may also differ (milk of different fat contents, different syrups and sweeteners may be used). Accordingly, their calorie content may vary. If you are on a diet and closely monitor the number of calories you consume, we recommend that you additionally check the calorie content of each drink.

Which milk is better to choose and why

The best taste comes from milk with a fat content of 3.5%. The amount of protein also affects. It must be at least 2%. The density of the foam depends on this. Therefore, to brew coffee with milk in a Turk, carefully study the packaging when purchasing.

Some recipes require preheating the ingredients to a certain temperature.

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